I am not a Lamb by birth but, after being married to Fredie Ray Lamb for 25 years, I should hope by now that I “fit” into this family. Some consider me as a Professional Genealogist. As for me, all I know is that I love the search! No matter what new details unfold, new questions arise. Fredie Ray has an abundance of siblings, cousins, and other extended family. This site has been created so that family can share what information they have and others can discover where they “fit” into this clan who have become scattered across this great Nation.

Welcome is extended to anyone who is researching any of the surnames on this page. The more cousins, the merrier the search! This said, this page is created for the extensions of my husband’s people, beginning with his parents; Woodrow Pershing Lamb and Agnes Mae Becker. I have thoroughly enjoyed researching the extended branches of this tree and have met numerous cousins along the way.

As with any research, discrepancies may have occurred. I trust everyone can share their knowledge and that, together, the links to the past can be joined together to reveal new information.

It would be my pleasure to add your favorite family photos to the gallery on the right! You can link them here in a blog message or attach them in the contacts. With as many descendants as there are, it would be very easy to paint the Lamb History with photos, photos, photos!